Friday, January 15, 2016

IF Alter America is to be Realized

Don’t doubt the power of one
But mobilize the power of many

“Our” government is always mobilizing for war
We the people need to start mobilizing for peace
Before it’s too late

In times of war and other military interventions “our” government mobilizes the troops to get them ready for action.  

If Alter America is to be realized someday the first step is for  Americans discontent with Real America to mobilize into action to prevent America’s corpocracy, including its military/industrial/political triumvirate, from continuing to make our nation a “ruination” headed for nuclear or environmental doomsday.

Mobilize the Discontented & Groups of Activists
A Potential Boiling Pot of Democracy Power

Most Americans believe government and corporations are too powerful. Most Americans think the rich are too rich and should be taxed more. Most Americans are sick and tired of US wars and other military interventions and think America should mind her own business, not that of other nations.

They Vastly Outnumber Americans with Corpocracy Power

·         The 1% filthy rich
·         The people in large corporations
·         The people on Wall Street
·         The people in the war and gun industries
·         The military and spy people
·         The politicians
·         The ideologues preaching imperialism
·         The people in the mainstream media

The Millions of Americans in the Boiling Pot with Potential Democracy Power
Anyone, Any Group Discontent with Real America

·      Aggrieved victims of injustice (e.g., Black Lives Matter)
·      Angry voters
·      Antiwar and peace groups
·      Authors and investigative journalists
·      Bloggers
·      Business and public servant exemplars
·      Consumer groups
·      Climate and environmental groups
·      Creative arts (the antithesis of warring and spying)
·      Enlightened super wealthy
·      Environmental groups
·      Front line volunteers (e.g. soup kitchens)
·      Grass roots movements
·      Individual social activists
·      Millennials
·      Occupy movement and its many groups
·      Organized religion (the positive elements of it)
·      Party twin alternatives (i.e. not Republicans or Democrats)
·      Feminist groups
·      Responsible corporate owners
·      Senior citizens with liberal or progressive orientation
·      Small businesses and their associations
·      Small farmers and their associations
·      Social entrepreneurs
·      Twitter People
·      Unions

This list shows that millions of discontented Americans are already mobilized. Now they need to be persuaded to join an umbrella organization that unites them into one grand coalition that can apply political pressure to get strategic reforms made on the path to the ultimate goal, Alter America.

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Organizing and Strategizing for Alter America

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