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The USCD has been revived! Once on the now defunct website,, it has a new home, HERE!  

About the USCD

America has a Peace Corps but no peace. America has a State Department with its diplomatic corps but nations fear and loathe us. But now, America has a new, symbolic U.S. Democracy Corps. Members of the Corps are, figuratively speaking, ambassadors for democracy who have in their own ways been promoting peaceful and lawful means of reclaiming social and economic justice in America and establishing peaceful relations with other nations sharing this one earth, the home of humanity.

Anyone who considers themselves a) an advocate for democracy and the general welfare of all Americans b) is anti corpocracy and antiwar, and c) believes in "my country please do right and no wrong" and not "my country right or wrong" is eligible to become a member of the Corps. Use this e-mail address: to join. Being a member does not require any additional activities beyond already being an informal ambassador for democracy. Neither does being a member mean an acceptance of all the views and activities associated with this website.

The U.S. Democracy Corps is Not the Democracy Corps ( It was  founded in 1999 by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg and “provides free public opinion research and strategic advice to those dedicated to a more responsive Congress and Presidency.” Mr. Carville was a campaign strategist for William Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. Mr. Greenberg was a polling advisor to President Clinton. Membership in the U.S. Democracy Corps signifies symbolic support of democracy and neither commits members to anything more or any responsibility for this website.                                                                                      
Below is a long list of current members group by interest groups. 

If you aren't listed please join the U.S. Democracy Corps. Tell me which group best represents you.

E-mail me at  Thank you!

Alternative Media

>Brave New Foundation (also Brave New Films). Creating Media that Makes an; Robert Greenwald, founder. Documentaries include “War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State (20013); “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” (2006), “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price” (2005), and “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” (2004).
>Richard (RJ) Eskow, host of We Act Radio's show "The Breakdown."
>Glen Ford, executive editor of the Black Agenda Report and co-host of Black Agenda Radio.
>Tim Gatto, host of the Tim Gatto Show on Blog Talk Radio
>Burl and Merry Hall, co-hosts of ENVISION THIS!  online radio show featuring visionaries of a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future.
>Rob Kall, executive editor, publisher and site architect of, host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show (WNJC 1360 AM), President of Futurehealth, Inc, inventor, and regular contributor to the Rob Kall (see Segment # 5 Authors/Journalists)
>Dan Joseph @DanJoseph78. MRCTV's Man On The Street AKA Professional smart-ass. Fiscal Conservative, Social Libertarian. Big nerd with P90X Obsession. Views are my own.
>Christopher Lydon, former journalist with The New York Times  and anchor of The Ten-O'Clock News on WGBH in Boston. His current Radio Open Source blog has become a launch pad for international broadcasts and other activities and along with colleagues was instrumental in sparking the growth of podcasting. In 1993 he was a candidate for mayor of
>RockNewman@Rock100 Howard U Grad, Radio Talk Show Host, Boxing Manager, Political Consultant, Exec Prod. of Bermuda Music Festival. Owner Hi*T Global Personal Democracy Media. A hub for conversation among political practitioners, technologists, and anyone invigorated by the potential to engage more people in all the things that we can and must do together as citizens.
>The Stephanie Miller Radio
>Your Anon News @YourAnonNews. A news network that supports Anonymous. As official accounts do not exist, we're an Anonymous account amongst many. Right behind you.
>Kim Petersen, co-editor of Dissident Voice.
ProPublica@ProPublica a non-profit, independent newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.New York, NY ·
Randi Rhodes, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Randi 24/7.
Robert Scheer, editor in chief of the progressive Internet site Truthdig, university professor, and author of many books.
>Jamil Smith@JamilSmith Segment and digital producer for @MHPshow, airing weekends at 10am ET on @msnbc. Contributor to @EBONYMag and @tnr.
>Angie Tibbs, co-editor of Dissident Voice, frequent contributing writer in the progressive media, and a free-lance court reporter/transcriptionist in the legal community.

>Ain'tNothin'But@NothinButBlues Giving you a daily dose of the Blues!!
>Jason Alexander @IJasonAlexanderactor/dir./prod./author/magician/ poker guy/once on big sitcom los angeles, ca
>BardOfEarth @BardOfEarth,  author, musician alternate power designer
>Keith Baugh@Keith969 working on oil/acrylic painting and photography …
bming5@bming5 dancer, painter, singer, native Mexican, educator, progressive all the way
>Blues Music @Blues_Music Blues guitarist, songsmith, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and student of life
>Gary Corseri. His work has appeared at Dissident Voice, Common Dreams, CounterPunch, the New York Times, Village Voice and hundreds of other venues. His dramas have been produced on PBS-Atlanta and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum. His books include novels and poetry collections.
>Linh Dinh is tracking our deteriorating social scape through his frequently updated photo blog, State of the Union . He is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a just released novel, Love Like Hate.
>Richard Dreyfuss, academy-Award-winning actor and founder of The Dreyfus Initiative,
>Don Friesen @DonFriesen Comic SHOWTIME 1 hr COMEDY SPECIAL still airing--check your DVR S. Pasadena, CA ·
>John Fuselgang, Renaissance, politically incorrect comedian &
>Josh Garey Guitarist, songwriter, music maker
>Joe Giambrone, filmmaker, author of Hell of a Deal: A Supernatural Satire & editor of The Political Film Blog
>Nozomi Hayase, former Waldorf high school teacher, writer and poet. Through her work she is a fierce advocate for the empathic imagination and for cultivation of a global civil consciousness.
>Zimfara Janus@ZimJay Biofilm Maker. NJ
>Aimee Johnson,, & @inaimless
>John Jonik, contributor of cartoons to publications. Began also doing editorial cartoons the day after Papa Bush started bombing Baghdad.
>Picasso Kat@Picassokat. Neither a wise man or a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him...... Dwight A Canadian.
>Catherine M @Katyushina Writer. Painter. Bombs & rockets chick. Militant redhead. Rogue cellist. Intrepid traveler. Fencing nut. Lefty ninja with soft spots for robots, peaches & fire.
>Norm Levy@Rhymes4OurTimes. Author of Rhymes For Our Times, humorous rhymed riffs based on REAL news headlines, Marketing Executive, and Blues and Country Song Writer Hilton Head Island, SC ·
>Terrell Lewis@SgBz Every time I read the Bible, I become more Liberal. Poet, Humorist, Composer... #UniteBlue Loves Park, IL ·
>Bill McClellan, performer, teacher, songwriter & woodworker. Masters of Arts in Religion (Yale Divinity); and philosophy of religion & theology--process thought (Claremont Graduate School).
>Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour w/ Stephanie & radio show cast members Hal Sparks, and John Fugelsang
>Charles Munn, painter, writer & liberal who aims for diligent self honesty, an expanding bubble of consciousness & a kinder, reciprocal reality
>Maia Newley@MettaFilms, PhD in cognitive neuroscience, daughter of the British entertainer, Anthony Newley and the goddaughter of Beatle, George Harrison; artist and artistic advisor, author of pending book and documentary on her father and her life with the Beattles,
>Mike O'Neil @MikeONeilRocks ♫ The LinkedIn Rockstar ♫ #RockTheWorld Author & Radio Host | #LinkedIn Sales Traine #SocialMedia Speaker Authority Visionary Celebrity ♫ \klas-ik-rokr'/ ♫ ·
>Dorothy Rissman@stiNgo100Visual artist who works with street trash, political junkie, and an Obot.
>Marcello Rolando. Seasoned political writer, critically acclaimed Performing Arts Director and head writer on camera spokesman of The Reasonable Voice LLC, ( Scahill Producer @sexyliberal tour
>Robert A. Stansbury, musician/songwriter, neocowboy philosopher, liberal-social-ecclesiastical theorist, mere mortal.
>Junior Sun©@OfficialJrSun Lead MC @NuSocietyMusic | Mngr 4 Cory Hueston, ANAIYAH, MAL!EK | Marketing Guru | #NuSociety | Happy Nu Age!!!
>Rivera Sun. Novelist, Artistic Director, Playwright, Performer. Author of the highly regarded novel, Steam Drills, Treadmills and Shooting Stars -A Story of our Times. Rising Sun Dance and Theater. Taos, New Merxico.
>RC deWinter@RCdeWinter Renaissance woman with a passion for the life of the mind & the body: artist, writer, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.
>World Peace @idclrWorldPeace The largest art project in history - designed to raise global peace consciousness #IDWP Details at
                                                            Artists From Afar
Joao Sodre Catarino @joaoscatarino02 Film-Maker, Video-Artist, Writer, Ocasional Actor, Hobbyst Musician, Activist. Lisbon, Portugal ·        

Authors and Journalists           

>Nadin Abbott, writer, blogger, journalist.John Atcheson, author of A Being Darkly Wise, an eco-thriller and Book One of a Trilogy centered on global warming. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the San Jose Mercury News and other major newspapers.
>Lynn Peters Adler, JD@adler100 Founder Nat'l Centenarian Awareness Project, nonprofit honoring those 100+. Author, inspirational speaker-aging/longevity;positive role models for living well U.S. ·
>Rudy Avizius, former educator and frequent contributor of articles to Market Oracle, to OpEdNews,
>Linda Barlow@LindaBarlow. Novelist: romance, suspense. Generalist, human rights, privacy. Loves books, writing, science, technology. Latest: Blazing Nights: Boston ·
>Mark Biskeborn is a novelist: Mojave Winds, A Sufi's Ghost, Mexican Trade.
Short Stories: California & Beyond. Poetry & Essays.
>William Blum, prolific book author and creator of the regular journal, The Anti American Report.
>Walter Brasch, an award-winning journalist and professor of journalism emeritus. His current books are Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution , America's Unpatriotic Acts: The Federal Government's Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights, and 'Unacceptable': The Federal response to Hurricane Katrina.
>Paul Buchheit (see Honorary Affiliates).
>John Buell writes on labor and environmental issues. His most recent book is "Politics, Religion, and Culture in an Anxious Age."
>Juan Cole, "Engaging the Muslim World"
>Richard Clark. frequent author of articles for
>Chris Clugston, author of Scarcity - Humanity’s Final Chapter?
>Lawrence Davidson, author of Foreign Policy Inc.: Privatizing America's National Interest; America's Palestine: Popular and Offical Perceptions from Balfour to Israeli Statehood; and Islamic Fundamentalism.
>Doug Dauntless@DougDauntless. Christian, husband, dad, adult w ADHD, conservative, MA in Counseling Psychology working w youth, author, news junkie. Love apologetics, prolife. Oregon ·
>Charles Derber. Most recent book, "Marx's Ghost: Midnight Conversations on Changing the World." (Site editor's note: Professor Derber's earlier writings were a major influence on the writing of the Devil's Marriage).
>Disordered World@disorderedworldI am trained in physics and psychoanalysis. My forthcoming book Imperfect Design explores the damage that psychopaths and narcissists cause in our
>jcbdraco @jcbdraco Softw Engineer, Writer, NE Patriots Fan, Politics, Motorcyclist. Eller, author of Cougar of Spirit Lake.
>@justemily14 Progressive political writer, former newspaper editor. Writes weekly column on politics at (see also Segment # 7).
>Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning playwright, performer, activist (founder of V-Day; see Segment #13), recognized as one of the 100 most influential women in the world.
>O.C. Ezeadi @OCEzeadi Author with an intrinsic desire to create artistic pieces of writing that spark either an emotional and/or intellectual sensation in the minds of the reader.
>John Feffer, author of several books and numerous articles.and co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies.
>Tim Gatto, newest book "From Complicity to Contempt" (member of site's Advisory Board).
>Paul Gottinger,  a writer and editor of the White Rose Reader,
>Glenn Greenwald, columnist for the Guardian, former constitutional lawyer, recipient of the first annual I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism; most recent book, "With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful." 
twilight greenaway@twyspy Writer and editor focused on food & sustainability.
>Jonathan Gunson@JonathanGunson. Bestselling Author & Book Marketing Coach. Caffeine devotee. Tips and advice on how to get published and grow readership: New Zealand ·
>Burl Hall, avid writer and publishes on while also blogging regularly.
>Jason Hirthler, strategist, 15-year veteran of the communications industry, writer in Counterpunch, Open Democracy, World Can’t Wait, and other political communities.
>Ron Jacobs, author of The Way The Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground; latest novel The Co-Conspirator's Tale; recently released collection of essays and musings titled Tripping Through the American Night.
>Naomi Klein, an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the New York Times and #1 international bestseller, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Her first book, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies was also an international bestseller.
>Carol Marleigh Kline @carolmkline Author of Streetwise Spirituality, a workshop presenter, editor, and radio host on Contact Talk Radio Portland, Oregon ·
>Robert Koehler, an award-winning, Chicago-based journalist and nationally syndicated writer. His new book is, Courage Grows Strong at the Wound.
>Dave Lecourt, "Deceit and Excess in America, How the Moneyed Interests Have Stolen America and How We Can Get It Back"
>Stephen Lendman, prolific writer, author of "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War," and currently hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the progressive Radio Network.
>Political Line@PoliticaILine Founder and Editor of The Political Line
>David Macaray, a Los Angeles playwright and author (It’s Never Been Easy: Essays on Modern Labor), and a former union rep.
>Machavelli Medici, author of  Beyond Religion: Outside the Box; formerly WBAU Radio; TV commercials
>Tegan Mathis@TeganMathis, author of the book, Against Them: How & Why Alexander Haig, Bob Woodward, Donald Rumsfeld, & Richard Cheney Covered Up the JFK Assassination in the Wake of the Watergate Break-IN U.S.A.
>Ken Meyercord, author of "The Ethic of Zero Growth: a New Ethos for the New Millennium,"
>Jospeh Nevins. Teaches geography at Vassar College. His books include “Dying to Live: A Story of US Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid” and “Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War on “Illegals” and the Remaking of the US-Mexico Boundary”
>Michael Payne, journalist a nd frequent contributor to
contributor to and Dissident Voice.
>Mike Penney, author, Behind the gates with the rich and happy
>James Petras, former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University is an adviser to the landless and jobless in Brazil and Argentina, co-author of Globalization Unmasked and most recently author of The Arab Revolt and the Imperialist Counterattack.
>Matt Potter, staff writer and senior editor at the San Diego Reader reporting on politics and local institutions
>Jim Prues, author of the book, "World 5.0"
>John Rachel, author of four novels and an upcoming nonfiction book (see
>Brett Redmayne-Titley, frequent social commentator and contributor of articles to growing up in different countries and thus seeing American domestic politics and foreign policy as the epicenter for many changes that directly affect the world and its population.
>Ron Ridenour, revolutionary activist for half-a-century, author and journalist. Born in the devil's own country, lived and worked in many countries, including eight years in Cuba and one in Nicaragua. Writer of many books, .
>Richard Schiffman, author of Mother of All and Sri Ramakrishna, A Prophet For the New Age; contributing writer at OpEd News, The Guardian, HuffPost, etc.
>Gina Stark @SuuperG, freelance travel writer,
>Marta Steele,, author of "Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols: How the People Lost and Won," 2000-2008.
>Op.Surviving MST @A1CSurvivingMST Author~Operation Surviving MST~TBR Winter 14'- Secular Humanist Philosophical Naturalist 
>David Swanson, author of "When the World Outlawed War," "War Is A Lie" and "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union." and 
>Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, public diplomacy scholar and researcher, radio commentator, political columnist, and peace activist.
>John Spritzler, author of The People As Enemy: The Leaders' Hidden Agenda In World War II, a Research Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and editor
>Gina Stark @SuuperG, freelance travel writer,
>Jon Taylor, songwriter, poet, a field hand for 50 years on various corporate plantations, now retired. 
>Emily Theroux, former freelance features writer, newspaper and magazine editor, former member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has won both statewide and national awards for writing and design.
twilight greenaway@twyspy Writer and editor focused on food & sustainability.
>Rev. Dan Vojir, author of upcoming book, Sacred cows make the best hamburgers: One Man's War With Righteous Arrogance
>Harvey Wasserman, author/co-author of a dozen books
>Bernard Weiner, Ph.D. in government & international relations, has taught at universities in California and Washington,  for two decades as a writer-editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, and currently serves as co-editor of The Crisis Papers
>Jon Wexford, writer, blogger, liberty advocate. His new pro-liberty thriller King of Kings is out now. 
>Skip Wood@DaybreakSkip. Early morning email blast with the day's trending headlines -- local, national or bizarre. Read it and you're good to go. Sign up at Washington D.C. ·
>G.S. Wright@GarthSWright Idaho Author. Writes Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. Death Storm is available now (Dark Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse) Buhl, Idaho •
>Eric Zuesse  Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They're Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010 , and of  Christs Ventriloquests:: The vent that Created Christianity.

>Anomaly One Hundred@Anomaly100 Liberal and Progressive political blog – news, interviews, views and opinion.
>Antiwar2 @Antiwar2
 >*Tina-Desiree Berg @TinaDesireeBerg International Woman of Mystery. MA in Philosophy. Los Angeles, California
>Patrick Bjork@bjork55. I love you Nicky Boo. But I worry about your future in America. In a land that time forgot ·
>James W. Bravos,J.D. @Bhava_Jim I am given to serving aspiring humanity to find enlightenment in one's innermost consciousness. Enlightenment is the normal human condition unknown to most.
>John's Secret Bunker@StillAZModerate
>Juan Cole  
>Steve Collett    
>William Cormier & 
Ranking Member Elijah Cummings
>Jessie Curti,
>Curt Day & 
>Dependable Renegade
>David Desautel@dadepfan retired, educated liberal Democrat (because of logic and reason), Vietnam veteran, Elvis fan, and computer professional  
>Paul Dillon
>Linh Dinh
>The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge
>The Don@TheRiggsReport 
>Liberal Effects
>BJ Erkan  www.bothellintegratedhealth.comJason Febery@JasonFebery
>Charles Frith
>Ariel Fornari 
>Liam Fox @Liam_Fox
>Friends of Keith Olbermann
>Chris Future
>Michael Galvin
>Tim Gatto 
>Arlen Grossman GunsDon't >MakeTheMan@thereisawayjose
>GunsDon't MakeTheMan@thereisawayjose Artist, interested in Indigenous issues, universal human rights, truth advocate, atheist,vegetarian,carpenter, World citizen
>Paul Haeder
>Joel S. Hirschhorn;
>William Hodge@PaxVillageVoice,
>Got Integrity?
>Tom Jefferson
>Jesus Was Not a Republican
>Michael E. Kerr,;
>Rania Khalek, Dispatches from the Underclass: Amplifying the Voices of the Voiceless,
>Kstreet607 @NubianBlogger
>Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo
>Michelle Loggins
>Martin Longman
>Louis Leo IV, Esq.;; &
>Ella Marie @worldmist1,
>Monte Mayor
>Midwest Progressive   
>Todd Miller@toddqm,
>John Moore
>Captivating News
>News Makeup
>Nate FromUsa@NatefromUSA,
>KatieAnnieOakly @KatieAnnieOakly Exposing #GOP #hypocrisy every chance I get
>Jason Oberholtzer
>Zest of Orange
>Matt Palevsky
>Guy Pen
>Pete Perry
>Scott Pierson
>Dark Politricks darkpolitricks Political Junky dedicated to free speech, the war on terror and covering under-reported news from all perspectives.
>LA Progressive
>Jim Prues 
>Reality Swipe@RealitySwipe
?Republican Swine@RepublicanSwine
>Jennifer Rosenberg@Freetobeheard,
>David Ruhlen
>Joseph Ruotolo  
>Randy Shields
>Marla Silverman, Philanthropist advocating for NEI Diseases and other legislative issues affecting health care and public health. Founder of PANDORA; change.html
>Peggy Stuart's Blog (249)
>Talking Union@TalkingUnion, The labor blog of Democratic Socialists of AmericaUSA ·
>Ron Tenin@rpt62960 Edgy political blogger,independent free-thinker,observer, commentator,futurist, and father.
>Kas Thomas, Technology Evangelist for Adobe Systems. Humanist. Free thinker.
>Middle Class Warrior
>Harvey Wasserman; 
>Cat West@catawu
>Verne Wheelwright
>robert wolffe
>Math Woman@RealMathWoman. Using mathematics to save humanity. Luckily, most villains are innumerate. I'm the real thing; don't accept copycats. Worldwide · >


>Earth Quaker Action Team, an organization of Quaker Friends, and friends of Friends, who join millions of people around the world fighting for our threatened planet,
>B.L. McMillan@PoliticalBee. 4th Gen Florida native, political creature, environmentalist, extensive reader, animal nonprofit, LionFlorida
>Red Rana@RedRana1..Por un ambiente sano y de personas libres! For a healthy environment and free people! World ·

Political Notables and Activists                                                                                              
>AppSame@AppSame. Conservative Political Marketing Firm helping to bring America back to its greatness. Tampa, Fl,Wayne,Mi ·
>BACKSTORYMOM@backstorymom. Barack Obama campaigner/supporter 2008 & 2012...monitors media commentary on his presidency... and other pressing matters.
>Dean@DeanCathar Loves: The USA, God, Girls, Politics, Physics, Exercise, PC Gaming. Humor,Technology,Popular Music.|| If you have a question, just ask. 45 single retired Progressive Liberal USA
>Dump The GOP In 2014 @SayNoToGOP. GOP needs to go, Southwest Michigan.
>Daniel Geery, Justice Party 2012 Candidate for Utah Federal Senator,
> •••  ••• The #1 Political Campaign Podcast on iTunes -Resources, strategy and insight for campaigns at every level.
>Joshua Karp@JoshuaKarp. Communications Director at @FlaDems. @WilliamandMary grad. George Washington is my favorite Founding Father. Opinions are mine alone. Tallahassee, Florida ·
>Karyn Lathan, 2012 candidate for Arizona House of Representatives, District 17, chairwoman of the Chandler Domestic Violence Commission and a victims' advocate, ConnieMackIV. Represents Southwest Florida in the US House of Representatives and 2012 candidate for the US Senate.

>Bruce M. Margolin@Bmargolin Candidate for U.S. Congress in CA's 33rd District.West Hollywood, CA ·  
>Political Line@PoliticaILine Founder and Editor of The Political Line,
>Paul Savides @PaulSavides. President of the UWEC College Democrats Second Vice Chaire of the College Democrats of Wisconsin.
>True Blue Democrat,       
>United Liberals @UnitedLiberalAR Arkansas Chapter

Peace and Other Activist Groups
>CSGV@CSGVGun control org. founded in 1974. Seeking laws to prevent deranged killers from arming LEGALLY. Dedicated to peace & nonviolence. Public safety=NO vigilantism.Washington, DC ·
>Disarm@Disarm  Disarm Education Fund promotes peace and social justice through partnerships, humanitarian aid and advocacy for the developing countries within Latin America  New York, NY ·
>Victoria Hudgins@_Prayerful_ Give your time today- there is always a moment to help someone. ~ from @MitzvahCircle
>International Justice Mission, a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.
>Rick Staggenborg, MD. Former Army and VA psychiatrist; ran for the US Senate in 2010; Board President of Take Back America for the People, Founder of Soldiers For Peace International, and Host of SFPI Radio.
>Gerald L. (Jerry) Wright. Decorated war veteran and member of the Veterans for Peace.

Professions, Science, and Technology
>AlcheBea---Alqui-Bea@bming5dancer, painter, singer, native Mexican, GDhead, educator, progressive all the way·
>Camillo "Mac" Bica, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, a long-time activist for peace and justice, a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and the coordinator of the Long Island Chapter of Veterans for Peace.
>Mark B. Brown is associate professor in the Department of Government at California State University, Sacramento. He is the author of Science in Democracy: Expertise, Institutions, and Representation (MIT Press, 2009), as well as various book chapters and journal articles on the politics of expertise, citizen participation, bioethics, and related topics. He teaches courses on modern and contemporary political theory, democratic theory, and the politics of science, technology, and the environment.
>Jason R. Carroll@JasonRobertC architect; professor; technophile; photographer; investorShaker Heights, OH, U.S. ·
>Edward Erikson@EdwardErikson Political Communication & Media Strategist; UMass Prof. I Tweet About Clean Energy, Money & Politics, Campaigns & Elections, Higher Ed and Social Media. #CTL Washington, DC •
>JohnErrante@JohnErrante Constitutionalist, Communications consultant, Army Veteran, and long-time student of the world.
>Greg Grandin, Professor of History at New York University; the author of numerous, some prize-winning books; consultant to the United Nations truth commission on Guatemala; recipient of a number of prestigious fellowships. His newest book edited with Gil Joseph is A Century of Revolution: Insurgent and Counterinsurgent Violence during Latin America’s Long Cold War.
>Myles Hoenig, a teacher activist in Maryland and frequent contributor to Dissident Voice.
>Luke Hiken is an attorney who has engaged in the practice of criminal, immigration, and appellate law.
>Jennifer @philosophyjenn Adjunct faculty in philosophy, free-thinker, secular humanist, science-lover, sceptic, blogger, religious critic, atheist
>Jeanine Molloff, urban educator for over 25 years, part-time writer for The Huffington Post and contributor of articles to
>Alan Nasser, professor emeritus of Political Economy and Philosophy at The Evergreen State College. His book, The “New Normal”: Persistent Austerity, Declining Democracy and the Globalization of Resistance will be published by Pluto Press in 2013. His website is: Jospeh Nevins teaches geography at Vassar College. His books include “Dying to Live: A Story of US Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid” and “Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War on “Illegals” and the Remaking of the US-Mexico Boundary.”
>Jay Rosen@jayrosen_nyu teaches journalism at NYU, directs the Studio 20 program.
>Coleen Rowley,  Retired FBI Agent and former Minneapolis Division Legal Counsel. She is a frequent contributor of articles to
>Martin (Marty) J. Schoen, Psy.D., a licensed psychologist who provides home- and community-based counseling and cons   ulting in the Twin Cities, MN.
>Mike Rivage-Seul, a liberation theologian and former Roman Catholic priest. Recently retired, he taught at Berea College in Kentucky for 36 years where he directed Berea's Peace and Social Justice Studies Program.Mike blogs at
>Angie Sullivan@AngieSullivan0 Public education students are my special interest!
>Kenneth Thomas@MiddleClassPoli Professor of Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis. Author of Competing for Capital: Europe and North America in a Global Era; and Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital. Like Middle Class Political Economist on Facebook. St. Louis and North Carolina
>Howard Uhal, a Vietnam era veteran and a former nuclear submarine officer and later worked in the nuclear and environmental industries. He has degrees in Geology and Environmental Systems Engineering. Author of the satirical blog, “The Apocalypse of Saint Howard.”
>John V. Walsh, lately become an associate member of PEN (an association of writers and related profesions), is a biophysicist/neuroscientist and a contributor to,, and
>Mat Wilson@matwilson6 Researcher and analyst.
>Kevin Zeese@KBZeese Lawyer, advocate & activist Co-directs ItsOurEconomy.US, http://ItsOurEconomy.US

Small Enterprises & Trade Associations
>BarkingAtTheMoon@OldDog_1946 Small business owner in PA.
>21st CENTURY Bill@Political_Bill, small biz owner,
>Page Cole@PageCole After serving in local churches for 23 years, Page now owns and manages a senior homecare company.
>Campbell-Graves, a management firm that specializes in serving governmental and not-for-profit programs. The founder is Phil Campbell-Graves, who is also an analyst-writer with an intense interest in public service and consumer awareness projects.
>Dezigns by Zetroc.PEACE
>Derryl Hermanutz, a critic of the corpocracy and advocate of monetary system reform, retired small business owner/operator with a background in philosophy and political economy.  
>MiaLis79@MiaLis79. Co Owner; Asst Admin Small Biz-IT. Opinionated pragmatic Dem. Enjoy a good Merlot, ocean, travel, witty & humorous ppl, along w/wide range of topics. Pa • …ughtsviewsnews-lisalways.blogsp
>Eve Mayer CEO of Social Media Delivered,
>Bill Plummer, owner of Financed Homes for America, LLC, a start-up selling homes with little or no qualifying and using the profits to eliminate poverty. OFHFA plans to become a major factor in the banking industry for the benefit of mankind.
>Fedco Seeds is a hybrid consumer/worker cooperative that is the source for cold-hardy and genetically free seeds especially adapted to the demanding Northeast climate. CR Lawn, Fedco’s founder, believes that sharing his beliefs, ideas, and experience is crucial to his contribution to a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. Fedco is almost alone among seed purveyors by including political and economic topics in its seed catalog and online store at
The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) develops, protects and promotes the organic seed trade and its growers, and assures that the organic community has access to excellent quality organic seed, free of contaminants and adapted to the diverse needs of local organic agriculture.
>Sarah McLeod Simmons, founder of citygrit - a culinary salon in NYC, named Home Cook Superstar in Food & Wine magazine,
*Denis Vermette @DenisVermette. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Agri-Coach with Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd. Independent agronomist helping growers increase net returns on their

>Wayman Publishing
>Christopher Zullo @ChrisJZullo Family man, small business owner, social moderate, economic progressive. Founder Together We Thrive @TWThrive

Social Activist Individuals
>Americans America@americans4amer. Grassroots- standing 4 equality-environmental protection-the right to know-background checks-common sense legislation and conflict resolution
>Endorsers of petition to NGOs. Nearly 400 people have signed the petition ( or written in their endorsement of a USCD.    
>Marilee@Granniegal Time to dump the GOP There has not been a greater assault against our rights than the War on Women, Children, Elderly, and Poor. Un-american passing these bills.
>Human Being @everylifeworthy  MirrorNeuron activists Twitter@everylifeworthy I refuse to be Demoted from Human Being & Citizen to consumer.
>Barbara Kayton-Judy, Las Vegas. 
>Downward-facingKitty@as_promisedI believe in personhood: a WOMAN'S PERSONHOOD
>Moms Demand Action@MomsDemand. It’s time for gun sense in America. Grassroots organization formed in the wake of the devastating mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. USA •
>Daniel Penisten "I wish I could find a descriptive word that is better than 'shadow' that might indicate a vision becoming more and more real in it is stabilized, solidified and quickened by the Will Of The People."
>Dorothy  Przystas, neither Democrat nor Republican because I don't believe in either party anymore. I am sick and tired of this rhetoric that most of the 99% are "takers".
>Dorli Rainey, an octogenarian activist who was pepper sprayed during Occupy Seattle protests and blogs under the name “Old Lady in Combat Boots.”
>Gun Safety@Gun_Safety We're here to take back the discussion on gun safety from the gun lobby and GOP Senators who voted Nay.
>Swamper Tom blogs and comments about; art, photography, and politics
>Jan Torrence @Jet739 Activist ♥ Volunteer work & helping out ♥ Human/Animal Rights
>Carlo Voli, environmental activist who's been arrested and handcuffed for peacefully protesting the Tar Sands oil pipeline proposal. See the Edmonds Sustainability Center,
>Brit Webwell. A social activist very involved in the Occupy movement.
>Nancy Zak, Ground, GAArturo Maximus Meridius.  I have spent over a decade,after a brief respite, writing against the worst elements of the U.S. foreign policy, and in a lesser degree its domestic policy.  

Social Activist Movements
>BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization)...working for economic and social justice in Benton Harbor, Michigan, The Reverend Freddie Pickney, leader
>Food Democracy Now! is a grassroots community dedicated to building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families.
>Earth Quaker Action Team, an organization of Quaker Friends, and friends of Friends, who join millions of people around the world fighting for our threatened planet, The Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States responds to actions of the government in office and demonstrates that another government is possible. This cabinet is led by the 2012 Green Party presidential nominees of Dr. Jill Stein and Ms. Cheri Honkala and supports independent politics and policies. However, it is not a project of any political party.            
>Rootstrikers Our aim is to recruit teachers — citizens from every part of society who will work with us to spread the recognition of the corrupting influence of money, and help us build the movement to reform it.
>National Women's Justice Movement Occupy groups (Nearly 400 groups in the Occupy Movement around the country)
AL: Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Tuscaloosa. AK: Anchorage, Fairbanks. AZ: Flagstaff, Phoenix, Prescott, Tempe, Tucson, Yuma. AR: Fayetteville, Little Rock. CA: Bakersfield, Berkeley, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Palo Alto, Petaluma, Redding, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Venice, Ventura. CO: Aspen, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Pueblo. CN: Branford, State of Connnecticut, Hartford, New Haven, New London. DE: Wilmington. DC. FL: Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, St. Augustine, Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach. GA: Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah. HI: Hilo, Kona, Maui. ID: Boise, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Pocatello. IL: Carbondale, Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, DeKalb, Macomb, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield. IN: Bloomington, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Portage, South Bend, Lafayette, West Lafayette. IA: Ames, Cedar Valley, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iowa City, Sioux City. KS: Kansas City, Lawrence Pittsburg, Wichita. KY: Ashland, Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, Paducah. LA: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, Shreveport. ME: Augusta, Bangor, Maine. MD: Baltimore, Cumberland. MA: Amherst, Berkshires, Boston,Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Newton, Needham, Northampton, Reading, Salem, Springfield, Somerville, Williamstown, Worcester. MI: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, East Lansing/ MSU, Muskegon, Ypsilanti. MN: Duluth, Fargo-Moorhead, Minneapolis. MS: Biloxi, Jackson. MO: Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City, St. Joseph, St. Louis.  MT: Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula. NE: Lincoln, Omaha. NV: Carson City, Las Vegas, Reno. New Hampshire: Hampshire, Concord, Conway, Exeter, Keene, Manchester, Nashua. NJ: Atlantic City, Jersey City, Newark, Princeton (The Streets), Trenton. NM: Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Los Lunas, Santa Fe, Taos. NY: Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Fredonia, Ithaca, Kingston, New Paltz, New York City/Wall Street, Poughkeepsie, Rochester (pending), Saranac Lake, Utica. NC: Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem. ND: Fargo, Grand Forks. OH: Akron, Athens, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Kent State, Toledo,Youngstown. OK: Norman. Oklahoma City, Tulsa. OR: Ashland, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Medford Portland, Roseburg, Salem. PA:      Allentown, Bethlehem, Doylestown, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pottsville, State College, York. RI: Providence. SC: Charleston, Columbia, Greenville. SD: Rapid City, Sioux Falls, State of SD. TN: Chattanooga, Clarksville,   Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville. TX: Austin, Amarillo, Dallas, Bryan, College Station, Corpus Christi, Denton, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Galveston, Houston, Lubbock, Marfa, McAllen, San Angelo, San Antonio, San Marcos. UT: Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo. VT: Bennington, Burlington, Rutland. VA: Arlington, Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Martinsville, Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Williamsburg. WA: Bellingham, Bremerton, Centralia, Colville, Everett, Federal Way, Leavenworth, Longview, Mt. Vernon, Olympia, Port Townsend, Puyallup, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Tri Cities, Vancouver, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Yakima. WV: Charleston, Fairmont, Martinsburg, Morgantown. WI: Janesville, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee. WY: Casper, Cheyenne. (aka                        

>, a new world-wide movement for a better global economy.
>UltraViolet, women’s advocacy community,
>V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.
>Women Empowered Advocating Change Together. RC deWinter@RCdeWinter >#WeAct                                     

Sr. Citizens
>Barbara Kayton-Judy, Las Vegas
>Daniel Penisten
>Dorli Rainey, an octogenarian activist who was pepper sprayed during Occupy Seattle protests and blogs under the name “Old Lady in Combat Boots.”
>Dr. Judith Woodward, retired psychologist.

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Ade @grumble_weed. American United @Progress2day.
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Dennis Lane@DennisLane. An American who sees our country being sold to the corporations by our politicians who don't own it. We did not borrow it so let them and Wall ST. pay it back.worldwide
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SNBCTC@SNBCTC, Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council is located in Henderson Nevada near Las Vegas. We are a Council made up of 18 Union construction crafts, Las Vegas ·