Friday, June 27, 2014

Post #1, June 27, 2014
Introduction to this New Blog

Welcome to this new blog. It replaces my website, 

America is currently ruled by a corpocracy, the Devil's marriage between large corportions, including banks and defense contractors and their patron saint a d cash cow, America's government.

This blog will begin with extracts from a book I am writing, The American Way: Warring and Spying. They are America's two deadly and costly habits. 

Extracts from the Preface

America, from her very beginning, has been addicted to two costly habits, warring and spying. If those habits are not broken they could later this century result in a possible war of all wars. 

America is what she is, not the mirror image of what she could become, “Alter America.” A model of this vision is the subject of the last chapter. Up to that point we shall see why America needs remodeled with those two habits gone forever.

The first chapter traces the history of the two habits and documents their costs and consequences. The second explains the basic nature of the two habits so as to better understand them. The third examines the bureaucracy behind the government’s addiction to the two habits. The fourth examines the war and spy industries that feed off government’s addiction as well as their own. The fifth takes a look at some additional addicts such as the mass media. The last chapter presents a model of what an ideal America would resemble and offers some reform proposals for altering America so that she might become the nation she must become or eventually self-destruct or become a permanent third-world country.


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