Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Peace Coalition


America has been riding her war train since she was founded. The train is now nearly 240 years long. and steamrolling ahead. She is headed to disaster caused by the ultimate blowback from her enemies that she created so as to feed her war machine.

In my book, America's Oldest Professions: Warring and Spying, I propose a Peace Coalition of millions of Americans who want peace with her global neighbors and an improved quality of living at home.

Here is an excerpt from my book:

Step 3. Start the Peace Coalition

Any major reform initiative in America that calls for an overhaul of the regime’s policies and practices is dead in the water without substantial political pressure from the general public. There have been very few major social reforms and no reforms in the military and intelligence area. America’s political regimes throughout the years have cleverly controlled public dissent by tolerating it up to a point and by making small concessions they are willing to tolerate. 

About 70 million Americans want America to be at peace with the world, but these Americans need to show the White House and Congress that they are unified and speaking as one large voice demanding that America's deadly military and CIA operations on foreign soil stop immediately.

          If you are one of those Americans

               Please Join the Peace Coalition

          Add below your name and your state of residence  

Joining is free and there is no further obligation. If thousands if not millions join, the list will be sent to the White House and Congress with this simple message: For humanity's sake and to avoid disastrous blowbacks to America please withdraw troops from all foreign lands and stop all bombings and other military operations.

Your name:

Your State of Residence:

                      Please ask others to join.

Please add below any public figures you think should be considered as the Coalition's Honorary Chair or members of its Steering Committee.  

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