Monday, January 11, 2016

A Model of Alter America

Alter America does not exist, but a model of it does and it differs markedly from Real America:

·                     A democracy, not a corpocracy
·                     Peacemaking, not war making
·                     Domestically tranquil, not domestically violent
·                     Economic justice, not injustice
·                     Social justice, not injustice
·                     Environmentally responsible, not irresponsible
·                     Full employment, not outsourced jobs
·                     Adequate standard of living, not impoverishment
·                     Adequate health care coverage for all, not excluding anyone
·                     Fair, not rigged elections favoring the twin parties
·                     Viable political alternatives to the twin parties
·                     Public service politicians, not pawns of powerful, harmful interests
·                     The public’s public services for true service, not privatized services for profit
·                     Socially responsible, not irresponsible capitalism
·                     Creating localized economies, not globalized exploitation

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