Wednesday, January 20, 2016

If Alter America is to be Realized
First, Mobilize
(See Blog Posted 1/15/16)
Second, Organize, Strategize, Actualize

1. Organize

Organized/United Corpocracy Power

·         Corporations: Top-Down Organizations
·         US Government: Top-Down Bureaucracies
·         US Military: Top-Down Chain of Command
·         US Intelligence Agencies: Top-Down Bureaucracies
·         NGOs Compromised by the Corpocracy

Disorganized/Divided Democracy Power

Hodgepodge of Movements
Hodgepodge of Single Issue Activist Groups
Millions of Dissatisfied Individuals

2. Strategize

Corpocracy Power

·         Corporations: Corporate Strategies
·         US Government: Corporate Influenced Strategies
·         US Military: Military Strategies
·         US Intelligence: Spy Strategies
·         NGOs: Corpocracy Influenced Strategies

Democracy Power

A Few Poposals/Ideas Here and There

3. Actualize

Corpocracy Power

Ongoing and Ruinously

Democracy Power

Scattered and Ineffective

Next Blog in the Making
Recent Failures to Actualize Democracy Power

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