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The Last Post on Overview of Alter America
If Alter America Is Not Realized
The Future of Real America
Five Scenarios

·      Failed State and Beyond
·      Armed Revolution
·      Escalating Blowbacks
·      Armageddon
·      Other global Calamities

Failed State and Beyond

The non-governmental organization, Fund for Peace (FFP), regularly ranks the nations of the world on its “failed state index.”  Over 100 nations are put into the “alert” and “warning” categories. The U.S. is not one of them. One reason is that the FFP is politicized. Its biggest funders are the federal government, corporations, and foundations.  I suspect another reason is that the government uses FFP to corroborate the picking of nations ripe for “democratization,” read that to mean imperialistic subjugation.

Putting the FFP’s list aside, there is ample evidence from the list of her “sadtistics” (see post dated January 5, 2016)  that America already is a failed state or close to becoming one.Once an economic superpower, America is on the way to economic ruin according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration.

Armed Revolution

If Real America’s course is not reversed she may later this century experience widespread public unrest and violence that precipitates an armed revolution (just think of the number of gun carrying citizens in America).

The U.S. government undoubtedly has a contingency plan to combat armed revolution and is already training for the possibility of it happening (e.g., swarms of Black Hawk helicopters flying over Minneapolis the summer of 2014).

If an armed revolution were to occur, it would turn into a bloodbath with thousands of the regime’s tanks in the streets, Black Hawks and drones overhead and not on training missions, storm troopers, and thuggish, militarized police.  The few protestors’ deaths during the Vietnam War would be multiplied by the millions.

The revolution would probably be followed by a dictatorship, which in turn would eventually deteriorate into a state of dystopia and ultimate collapse. That has happened to a few nation states in the history of civilization and there is no guarantee it won’t happen to Real America.

Escalating Blowbacks

America was born in the womb of war
Will she die in its arms?
---The author

Blowback is an exercise in retributive justice, an eye for an eye. There are two sources of blowbacks, or retaliatory actions, one internal involving citizens against their own government, the other external involving actions against a nation by sources outside of it. Both sources produce blowbacks varying in size, intensity, and harm done. By “escalating blowbacks” I mean repeated retaliations against the same target(s) that increase in size, intensity, and harm done. Escalating blowbacks lead to a “mass of bodies for a mass of bodies.”

Internal Blowbacks

Internal blowbacks happen probably daily in America. Most are very small scale, as when, for instance, one or a few citizens protest some government action or inaction. A few blowbacks have been of a much larger scale; viz. the Vietnam War protests and the riots following the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Then there was the really monumental blowback with a slight twist, the Civil War.

There has yet to be a military coup against the politicians because the military/intelligence agencies get whatever they want from them. There has yet to be an armed revolution by the masses since the Civil War, and I hope there never will be one.

External Blowbacks

If you agree with the view that the U.S. provoked Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor  then that “day in infamy” as FDR famously and perhaps deceptively put it, was the most monumental blowback on America ever carried out by another nation---so far. More deadly external blowbacks were to follow years later, some on American soil, some on Americans in foreign countries: the Beirut barracks bombings in 1983, the 1988 bombing of PAA Flight 103 over Lockerbie; the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center; the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996; the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; the “9/11” attack; the Baltimore marathon bombing in 2013; the beheadings by the ISIS in 2014.

Unless and until Real America’s two habits are kicked more blowbacks are inevitable according to numerous, very knowledgeable authorities. They include a) an internal DOD report that was shelved, b)  a four-star Marine General who warned that U.S. drone strikes “are begging for retaliation,”  c) a UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, d) a former senior advisor to a high military official, e) a former counterterrorism adviser in the Departments of Defense and Treasury, e) a former Pentagon official and fighter aircraft designer, and f) a  former chief of staff to a Secretary of State

Real  America’s corpocracy regimes have carried out over time covert military actions in 134 countries and currently have authorized torture chambers in 54 countries. Every one of those countries is a potential source of external blowback no matter how long ago they suffered at the hands of America. Memories and legends of carnage and suffering rarely fade. Some of those country’s despotic regimes, usually put in place as puppet regimes with the help of America’s regime have likely allowed U.S. drone strikes as a means to thwart internal rebellion as much if not more so than to thwart external terrorism directed toward the U.S. In Yemen, however, a country with many drone strike casualties, the parliament passed a non-binding resolution to ban the strikes.

The likelihood of external terrorist attacks not only increases with the continued military presence and action of the U.S, but also with advances in technology and ingenuity in its use. The “underwear bomber” on an international flight in 2009 to Detroit showed a bit of clumsy ingenuity that fortunately failed. Can you just imagine a bunch of terrorists brainstorming new techniques and uses? What might they be? I don’t even want to think about it, but the regime’s brain center (wherever that is) better think about it unless it wants to declare peace to the world. Meanwhile, terrorists can and do retaliate with a simple technique perhaps as old as history itself, beheading.


Armageddon may someday be a reality, not just a scriptural prophecy. Humanity has had the capacity for total self-destruction ever since America introduced nuclear bombs to the world. Armageddon could happen by accident rather than by intent, and there have indeed been several “near misses.” Real America’s government has lied about, covered up, and underreported these accidents. It is probably inevitable that there will be more nuclear accidents within our own borders.  

Armageddon could easily happen if there were escalating blowbacks or confrontations among one or more warriors-in-chief and one of them had the mentality of the late General Curtis Lemay, who seriously proposed dropping “the entire stockpile of atomic bombs in a single massive attack” on the Soviet Union during the cold war. Then there was the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who called a high-level nuclear alert in 1973 to “warn the Russians not to interfere in the ongoing Israel-Arab war and, in particular, not to interfere after he had informed the Israelis that they could violate a ceasefire the U.S. and Russia had just agreed upon.”

Nine countries thereabout currently possess nuclear weapons. Not all of them have signed a treaty agreeing to discontinue expanding their nuclear weapon capability. The U.S. has the most adversarial relations with three of those nations, China, North Korean, and Russia. Sometimes the disputes become overheated and high-level warnings by one or both parties are issued. Whether these verbal exchanges would ever culminate in an exchange of nuclear bombs hurling back and forth remains to be seen. Some pundits argue that U.S. militarism is heading it toward WWIII.

Other global Calamities

Ecocide, Genocide and Manufactured Plague

Mother Nature may have the last laugh, or blowback, if we don’t start placating her instead of plucking her. The planet, offering finite, not infinite resources for human use and having exceeded its carrying capacity for nearly seven billion humans and counting almost exponentially, could very well become unlivable eventually with air that is unbreathable, with soaring temperatures that are unbearable, with water that is undrinkable, with food that is toxic, and with no oil to lubricate and combust. Before those extreme conditions there very likely would be an outbreak of “resource wars.” And we can “depend” on our military being in the thick of it.  


Genetic engineering, Real America’s military discovered, could make its arsenal of biological weapons more effective by genetically altering them.  Since there are very few natural pathogens that lend themselves to biological warfare, the genetic engineering of unnatural pathogens is where the military is apparently staking its future in remaining a superpower and threat to uncooperative nations. The military’s secretive research arm, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), has launched an expensive program called “Living Foundaries,” a misleadingly innocent name if there ever was one.

Just think of what might happen if a psychopathic warrior-in-chief, unrestrained military and political advisers, and mad scientists all came together to plot and unleash an explosion of unnatural pathogens on their adversaries. Can’t you just picture it next century; our one-eyed, two-headed, three-legged species walking down the street, if any streets are left?

Manufactured Plague
The recent scare of a spreading Ebola epidemic has heightened concerns about biological warfare and Ebola terrorism in particular. Real America continues to increase its own capabilities for launching biological warfare. DOD, for example, has reportedly been Ebola trials on humans in Guinea and Sierra Leone just weeks before the Ebola outbreaks there.
Conclusion of Overview Series
If Realizing Alter America Is Impossible
Doomsday Some Day For Real America Is Probable

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