Wednesday, December 21, 2016



By Gary Brumback

US National Sovereignty Vs International Criminal Court
A Debate

In my previous post I wrote about how America’s international war criminals were getting away with murder. Shortly thereafter I tweeted that I had tweeted a message to the President-elect, Donald Trump, recommending that he arrange for the US to become a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). One of my followers saw this tweet and tweeted me. The rest of this post is an exchange of our tweets. After you have read them, decide for yourself whether you think the US should become a member of the ICC, and more importantly whether you think US war criminals should be held accountable at all for their war crimes.

Mr. X. I believe your faith in the UN is naive.  The US should never submit to an international criminal court.

Me. Why not? US war criminals responsible for deaths of countless people in foreign lands. Without accountability civilization could not exist.

Mr. X. It's a question of national sovereignty. A body unaccountable to the people it would hold sway over is dangerous.

Me. I see it as a question of international accountability for war crimes committed by one sovereign nation against other sovereign nations.
Mr. X. A nation that submits to international law is no longer sovereign.

Me. You are exactly right. It's an international war criminal getting away with murder.

Mr. X. If we cast off our sovereignty in favor of an international court, we're no longer free. If you can't see it, you're blind.

Me. Yes, free to kill anywhere in world with impunity No nation should be above the law that outlaws murder.

Me To anyone: What about the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazi leaders for their war crimes? The trials violated Germany’s sovereignty and, if not held, the criminals would have gone Scot free. Germany certainly would not have on their own voluntarily prosecuted them.

Me. To anyone: Since justice is inverted in America (see previous post), it is unlikely America’s international war criminals will ever be prosecuted by America’s injustice system. So they will go Scot free and their successors will follow in their path.


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